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29 March 2021

Belgian White Blue: jewel on the crown of Belgian beef breeds

Belgium’s meat suppliers produce top-quality meat from the heart of Europe − combining craftsmanship, food safety, and tailor-made service. Among Europe’s leading meat producers and exporters, Belgium’s meat suppliers have turned their expertise into an art. Belgian White Blue is the jewel on the crown of Belgian beef, in terms of quality, yield and sustainability.

Meet the Belgian White Blue

With an 85% share of Belgium’s beef cattle breeds, the unique Belgian White Blue is the country’s national pride.

Belgian White Blue are recognizable by their white heads and a coat ranging from bluish-grey spots to completely blue-black. They have a remarkably well-developed muscle mass, and the clearly recognizable rump contains a huge amount of meat.

Slaughter yield up to 70%

Belgian White Blue are selected for their natural leanness and fine muscle fibre, which make the meat healthful and tender. The slaughter yield of the animals can be up to 70% or more for young bulls. Moreover, the carcass yield is more than 80% – with a high proportion of succulent, quality cuts.

In addition, these cattle have a muscle yield of around 20% more, on average, than cattle without the genetic myostatin mutation. Because of this breed’s increased muscle yield, they receive a high energy and plant based protein diet, which is converted very efficiently into muscle.

Belgian White Blue’s chunky build guarantees a delicious, mild flavour

Tender and fine flavour

The Belgian White Blue breed of cattle is particularly renowned for its succulent meat. With an imposing mass of muscle tissue, it has an ideal fat-to-meat ratio. And its fine muscle fibres produce the Belgian White Blue’s excellent quality meat with its lean and super-tender characteristics.

In other words: the BWB’s chunky build guarantees a delicious, mild flavour, and only a little fat.

High yield supports sustainability

Belgian White Blue is also a popular breed for sustainability reasons. Thanks to the high slaughter yield and the high percentage of quality cuts, the environmental impact is lower than that of other cattle breeds.

How to bring this jewel to your market? Discover Belgium’s meat suppliers and their beef catalogue.


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